Edelkrone Pocket Slider with MoCo

First impression based on whats on the website is its very intuiting!

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 11.44.32

I wonder how its powered? I can see what looks like a DC jack on the side and possibly a battery compartment on the bottom but I cant be sure. Is the battery removable / rechargeable?

EDIT: Edelkrone’s İnanç has kindly chimed in with some answers, the pocket slider DOES have a battery compartment and it’s to house a 9V battery, due to the size of the Pocket Slider I’m guessing it’s a PP3 type battery which is a shame as nobody (least of all me) likes the PP3.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 17.05.08

Surely something along the lines of a Canon LP-E6 or similar sized rechargable Lithium Ion chemistry battery would have been a much better choice?? It would be much better capacity for a start, 1800 mAh vs PP3’s 500 mAh (250 mAh at best for rechargeable). Then theres the convenience factor, most of us have these types of batteries already from using 5D, 7D, 60D and 70D etc.


PP3’s don’t transport well, they have large exposed terminals on one face which often short out against any conductive material and are then useless, and you will need a load of PP3’s due to their poor capacity performance they will be running out all the time. Luckily their is a DC jack to power the MoCo, not ideal but it does give a second power option.

MoCo DC jack inDC Jack CU

I wonder what the mystery is surrounding the magnets that İnanç mentions as being a possible method of connection to the Pocket Slider? “It could be attached to the PocketSlider with the Magnets”. Maybe this is just a language issue.

Is the MoCo attached to the Pocket Slider purely by magnets?? Lots of questions and so far very little detailed information from Edelkrone! I am looking forward to seeing the new video they are currently working on.

New Arca style foot for Panasonic GH4 and GH3 with battery grip

Could this be the answer to lens mounting Micro 4/3 cameras with battery grips?

Andrea from Roesch Feinmechanik kindly sent me their newly designed Acra Swiss compatible foot that screws into their collars for the Panasonic 100-300mm and 35-100mm lenses. This is the third iteration of foot from Roesch Feinmechanik and demonstrates a progression and evolution. The first foot was not Arca Swiss compatible and was designed to attach to support equipment via two ¼” UNC threads in its base. The second edition incorporates a clever and elegant Arca Swiss compatible dove tail as well as the two ¼” UNC threads.


The new foot is designed to work with battery grip equipped cameras. The foot is essentially the same Arca foot as before but with extra machining at the point where it affixes to the collar.


It’s approximately 2.5mm thinner at one end. The original Arca foot just about clears the GH3 with battery grip when used with the 100-300mm lens. With this new foot you have an extra few mm space between the grip and the foot itself. That is a welcome increase in clearance.



The original Arca foot did not fit with battery grips when used with the 35-100mm lens. I have written an article that shows my solution to the problem (here). Unfortunately this new foot (designed for battery grip equipped cameras) doesn’t work with the GH3 and battery grip (and therefore the GH4 and battery grip). It’s till just a little two tight; about 2mm extra clearance is needed.

In testing with the 100-300mm lens the new foot feels similarly rigid in use, although obviously the reduced thickness will have weekend the foot to a degree. I doubt it will be significant in practice, however I don’t intend on testing its tensile strength out!!


For me the close tolerance fit of the original Arca foot with the 100-300mm lens was not a big problem, I am just careful when mounting and dismounting the lens from the camera when the grip is attached. However if you’re the kind of person who is all fingers and thumbs the extra clearance will certainly prevent cosmetic damage to either the grip or the Arca foot. From an aesthetic and mechanical perspective there is something very pleasing about the newly designed foot! I have to say I prefer its feel, fit and function compared to the original Arca foot. The fact the new foot is still a few mm too tight to allow the 35-100mm lens to clear the grip is a great shame. On the positive side of things hats off to Roesch Feinmechanik for acknowledging the battery grip issue and responding to filmmakers and photographers requests!