Edelkrone Pocket Slider with MoCo

Due for release on the 29th of December 2014

I have to say this little thing really excites me! The thought of being able to execute smooth sliding shots, accurate motion time-lapse and repeatable motion control shots with such compact pieces of kit is just what I and many other filmmakers have been wishing for. Designed by Edelkrone in Turkey it should be well made and fairly simple to use (fingers crossed).

Pocket Slider

With a relatively short amount of travel (just under 8inches approx 17.5cm) its not for everyone, but for those who like to travel light and especially for those who are using smaller cameras such as the GH4, Sony A7s, BMPCC etc it makes total sense. I have a suspicion the price for the slider will be around the €250, £200, $300 mark plus relevant country taxes. I don’t have any info on pricing for the separate MoCo unit yet, or any technical info. Keep checking the Edelkrone site for updates!!